Air Quality Services

Obtaining and maintaining the safest levels of indoor air quality possible should be every home owner’s goal.   American Water & Air is here to bring you air purification systems and services that will help your family breathe easier and breathe cleaner air each and every time they come home.  Look to us for the very best in:

Whole House Air Purification

Our air purification equipment by AirMaster Ultra can remove particulates from the air in your home that may be causing you discomfort.  The unit, which contains two lamps – a UV lamp and an oxidizer – will be installed in your home’s air ducts.  Whenever air is flowing, the two energy efficient lamps will neutralize airborne contaminants and eliminate odors from pets, cooking, smoking, and other household sources.  Operational status will be indicated by an LED panel.  The AirMaster Ultra will operate silently and out of sight, treating your entire home as opposed to just individual rooms.

If you are seeking ways to combat environmental allergens, including grass, tree, and weed pollen, mold spores, and more, our air purifiers can provide much-needed relief.  An air purification system from American Water & Air can help make allergy-related problems such as sneezing, sniffling, itchy eyes, and sinus pressure, a distant memory.

In addition to removing environmental allergens like pollen, dust, mold, pet dander, and more, an air purification system can remove a host of other contaminants that may be in the air of your home, including:

  • Smoke particles

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC)

  • Chemicals from carpeting or plastics

  • Microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi spores

Cimatec Electronic Air Filters

Aircleen 1500, a Cimatec Electronic Air Filter, offers HEPA CLASS™ PERFORMANCE for about 1/4 of the price of a HEPA air cleaner.  It silently works in the background while you work, play or sleep.  It purifies your indoor air to the smallest particle.  Model 1500 is a high security prison for mites, bacteria, mold, viruses and other harmful microscopic airborne particles and organisms.

Single Room Air Purification

To improve the air quality of a single room, American Water & Air recommends the Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS).  This powerful unit is designed with the chemically sensitive in mind.  It is the ultimate in air purification systems for cleaning airborne particles, micro-organisms and gases for a healthier indoor air environment.  To see an informational video, please visit: http://www.qualitywaterandair.com/AirPurification.html

If you would like to learn more about how American Water & Air can help improve your home’s air quality, contact us!  We are proud to provide premiere air treatment system, professional installation, and superior customer service to homeowners throughout the Central Illinois region and beyond.

Manufacturers and systems we install and maintain:

Duct Cleaning

Cleaning the ducts in your home is necessary to maintain cleaner air in your home, and we recommend having this done every 3-5 years.  If you have pets, smokers, children, have remodelled, or your return vents are in the floor, you may need to have them cleaned more frequently.  Clean ducts result in lower heating and cooling bills since your appliances don’t have to work as hard.  American Water & Air will come to your home for a complimentary estimate.  Once we have diagnosed the extent of your duct build-up, we give you a true estimate before we start.  We take video footage of your trunk lines and show you what is in them so you can see what needs to be done.  We offer additional options to go along with the cleaning, including: sanitizing, deodorizing, and mold treatment.  Once the job is complete, we will present you with “before and after” photos of your ducts so you can see the American Water & Air difference.

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