Words from our Customers

Our customers are advocates for clean water and want to share the difference that American Water & Air has made in their health and homes.  We invite you to read their testimonials of how American Water & Air has helped make their home a safer and happier place to live.

The experience with the Service Technician who installed the water system was really good.  After 6 years of having a system, I love not having hard water and using less soap.  American Water & Air is very good.

Charles P., Jacksonville, Illinois

Our system was installed a while ago and it is still working fine.  We follow a regular service program and our water tastes a lot better and the soap lathers up a lot better.  Everything seemed just fine with the water tech.

Del R., Springfield, Illinois 

American Water & Air has always been very professional, and everything went well and on schedule.  We have a little harder water than normal and the young man came back twice to make sure things were good.  After installing the water softener, we are able to make coffee and not have to replace coffee maker every year.  It makes laundry and bathing much better.  The clothes are not as yellow and skin is softer.  Before, we had the water softener we would make tea and there would be scum on top of the water.  Tea never tasted bad it just looked disgusting.  Pipes and the bath room fixtures aren’t suffering like they used to.

Bobby T., Pleasant Plains, Illinois

One of the biggest positives besides the taste is that the skin disorder that our daughter had is now gone and we no longer have to treat it.  Mold in the toilet bowl and tank are now gone.  Our son has a pet frog, in order to keep it you have to keep the dirt moist.  Before the water system we would get white mold in the tank and since the system has been put in the white mold is gone.  We tell everyone about American Water & Air.  Jon feels like he is drinking more water than he used to since it was installed.  We are glad that we invested in the system because we are putting healthy water into our children and their bodies.  We did get a leak when the sink was first hooked up, but we called Dirk and it was fixed right away.

Jon & Emily W., Chatham, Illinois

We are on a well and deal with very hard water.  It is night and day difference about the quality of water now.  The systems works well and we don’t have to worry about it.  American Water & Air changed the water filter within minutes and they were professional and very friendly.

Jan W., Pawnee, Illinois

I like the soft water.  Install was fine with no problems.  Service was very good.

Mark S., Springfield, Illinois

The inside of my dishwasher looks brand new inside.  The glassware is not foggy anymore.  My skin isn’t dry or absorbing the corrosive water anymore.  My hair is not falling out as bad as it was before.  Cleaning bathrooms are easier as I don’t have mold growing in the toilet.  My appliances are protected and I have absolute confidence that I am drinking and cooking with purified water as there are no hard water rings or film around the bottom of pans.  Customer service is exceptional.  I am not a techy person and if I need help, American Water & Air comes out and help and clean up after themselves.  The Service Coordinator called me to let me know that it was time to change the filter and they worked around my schedule and let me know how the system was functioning.

Tanni L., Chatham, Illinois

Our water is better.  The system was already installed when we bought out house.  American Water & Air comes out once a year for service, which is good and without issues.

Derek R., Auburn, Illinois 

I like the fact that it gets the stuff that isn’t filtered and the stuff that is added at the water plant out of the water.  The water tastes a lot better gets all the chlorine out.  We have the RO (Reverse Osmosis) and it is better than bottled water.  We adopted two children who suffer from severe dry skin and the softer water has kept them from having dry skin and having to use as much lotion.  The technicians were great!  They explained everything we had questions about asked and they were very nice.  We needed potassium for the system and Dirk delivered it to us after just one call.

Kevin H., Springfield, Illinois

The water is much softer and it tastes better through the RO (Reverse Osmosis).  American Water & Air was very friendly and explained everything well.  Installation went smoothly and took the right amount of time as what they quoted.

Trish G., Chatham, Illinois

For us the peace of mind is that we are getting quality water that is free of harmful contaminants.  We feel safe for our kids and pets and family to drink. Just the overall comfort of the safety of the water.  The installer came out he was great very professional and able to work around their schedule.

Brian S., Chatham, Illinois

We have no drinkable water, so we need a water system.  The service is fine and technician is satisfactory.

Raymond C., Carlinville, Illinois

I don’t have to worry about my kids drinking something and getting sick.  I don’t have that every day worry thought of what they are drinking.  As a parent it is one less thing I have to worry about.  The person putting in the system was friendly and professional.  Dirk is very personable and didn’t really push us to buy it.  He told us the pros of having it.  Very easy going.  Installation was just a one day thing and by the time I got home from work it was done.  American Water & Air took the time to figure out where to put the system ahead of time so it was nice.

Kristine H., Chatham, Illinois

With our system, we don’t have to worry about when we have boil orders.  We don’t have to worry about pipes filling with sediment and we can wash our car without the spots on the car that we would have with city water.  Installation was not inconvenient and even though it does reduce some space under the sink, it is still good.

Mike D., Chatham, IL

Our dogs go through a bucket of water a day.  We love the taste and how soft it feels.  American Water & Air has always been terrific.  The guys came in and took care of business quick and we even had our system transferred to a new house.  Absolutely would recommend AWA.

Bob H., Springfield, IL

We don’t have drinkable water without our system.  Honestly we have had our system so long (since 2004) I don’t remember any issues or problems.  I feel like the same people have been at American Water & Air for a long time so we have a relationship with the technician and that is nice.  It is one of those things where they know us and they come in and get things done.

Lori N., Mechanicsburg , Illinois

I like the security of having clean water to drink and not the chlorine gases.  Install times were mixed up with the technician, but he was polite. Last time he missed the mark on identifying the problem, which lead to problems with install.  I was satisfied with the nice people and they get in and get out leave a clean spot when they are done.  Very respectful.

Jim M., Auburn, Illinois

We like the clean water and professional service.  It is expensive but worth it.  Good value.

Rick G.,  Chatham, Illinois 

The water tastes better and we drink more water.  The service technician was good and overall service is good.  The system has been working good without problems since 2007.

John W., Hillsboro, Illinois

When I would make ice tea, there would be sediment at the bottom, and now I don’t have that.  As a glass of water sat, you could see the fogginess of the water in the bottom of the glass.  I haven’t had any complaints.  Technicians arrive when they say they would, and I receive the potassium pellets when I need them.  Good service.

Nancy S., Divernon, Illinois

Water is softer and we like the purity of the drinking water.  Service is really good.  Have had no problems.

Jim C., Springfield, Illinois

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