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American Air & Water provides water treatment options for well, rural, and city water systems.  These services include:

Complimentary, In-Home Water Evaluation

American Water & Air believes in educating consumers on what minerals and contaminants are in their water.  While city municipalities work hard to provide safe water for consumers that meet EPA guidelines, contaminants can infiltrate aquifers and springs.  Corroded pipes can introduce impurities into the water lines even after water has been treated at a water plant.  Our technicians are expertly trained to run these tests and provide a comprehensive evaluation of the safety and quality of the water.  After a water evaluation by American Water & Air, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done to make your water safe and give your family a peace of mind.

Whole House Water Filtration System

A whole house system effectively removes the chlorine, ammonia, THMs, sulphur, iron, petroleum, bacteria, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), and other additives from your water.  Carbon media is the most widely used source of water filtration, however utilizing carbon simply as a media to remove chemicals can also breed bacteria within the media.  The cornerstone of whole house filtration from American Water & Air is Bacteriostatic Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon technology.  Silver inhibits the growth of bacteria and is a naturally occurring and highly effective antimicrobial agent.  For centuries, silver has long been known for its antimicrobial properties and is effective in fighting a wide range of microbes.  Silver provides many benefits over other antimicrobials that are chlorine, ammonia or alcohol based.  Silver is proven to be safe with no toxic effects on people, plants, or animals.

The bacteriostatic technology uses microscopic particles of silver which are embedded into activated carbon filter media using a proprietary process.  Our bacteriostatic filter media contains silver ions which attack microbes and inhibit their growth within the filter media bed of the water system, as well as removing or reducing tastes, odors and chlorine.  American Water & Air Bacteriostatic Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon protection assures you of the highest quality water, stronger and harder than the industry standard coming into your home without the presence of bacteria.  This system also improves the taste and smell of the water from your tap and provides cleaner water throughout your entire home.  We typically install these whole-house filters in tandem with our water purifiers and softener systems, creating a comprehensive solution to your water problems.

Contact our office for a partial list of Organic Contaminants reduced by our Whole-House Carbon Filtration System.  You can also learn more by reading a great article titled: With Ground Water, Carbon is Often in the Mix

Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

Despite common belief, filtered water and purified water are not the same thing.  Filtration alone merely removes large particulates.  Reverse osmosis purification removes harmful contaminates altogether from the water.  A water purification system from American Water & Air filters and purifies, giving your family crystal-clear, totally safe drinking and food preparation water straight from the tap.  American Water & Air uses the very latest in RainSoft® reverse osmosis technologies to thoroughly remove most potentially harmful contaminates, providing the safest, best-tasting water every time without the need for costly bottled products.

A variety of chemicals are removed during the reverse osmosis process.  Drinking water purified by the process of reverse osmosis saves you from having to buy and/or store bottled water, which is 1500-2000x more expensive than water from your tap.  It also eliminates plastic bottles being tossed into landfills.

Water Softener

Protect your water-using appliances, take better care of your skin and hair, and enjoy a host of additional benefits by installing a water softening system.  Water is made soft by removing micro-particulates like calcium and magnesium that gather in the miles of pipes water travels through to get to your faucets. We do this using a micro-resin which conditions and softens the water, thus reducing scale build-up in pipes and appliances.  To learn more about water softening, check out the Water Quality Association Softened Water Benefits Study.

Bottleless Water Coolers

A Hot / Cold Bottleless Water Cooler is a complete water station with filter.  Perfect for home, offices and breakrooms, it eliminates the need for 5 gallon water containers or stocking multiple small bottles of water.

5 Great Reasons to Say “Yes” to Bottleless Water Coolers

  1. Reduce the carbon footprint: Producing, recycling and/or disposing of plastic bottles can be costly to our environment.  Cutting the contribution to landfills, reducing the energy consumption and the number of delivery trucks on the road, you will reduce your company's carbon footprint.

  2. Save admin time: A staff person will no longer need to order water, calculate bottles needed, pay for delivery, or take time to assist a delivery person.  Staff time and pay can be better spent by going bottleless.

  3. Preserve health and safety: If the heavy, 48lbs plastic bottles are lifted the wrong way or if there is an accidental water spill, you're risking health and safety compensation claims.

  4. Regain storage space: The plastic jugs need to be stored (full or empty), but by going bottleless, you can use that storage space for something else.

  5. Prevent illness: Bottled water can contain billions of bacteria. With a bottlelss water cooler, you know the water is appropriately filtered and purified, reducing the chance of losing working hours due to illness.

Water System Maintenance & Repair

Whole house water filtration systems need to be serviced by our professional technicians every year to change the silver-impregnated activated carbon media, reverse osmosis filters, ultraviolet lights for bacteria, and chlorine pumps.  We also flush the micro-resin and inspect the systems timing and mechanics.  This is how we preserve the lifetime warranty on the tank and electronics.  We are happy to provide these services for you.

Contact Us today to schedule a free, no obligation to purchase consultation on any of the water treatment, water softner, and reverse osmosis systems we install and/or service:

Cleanstart by Rainsoft

CleanStart® is an innovative, eco-friendly laundry solution designed to save you money and provide the cleanest, freshest laundry you’ve ever experienced. CleanStart® transforms cold water into a powerful cleaning agent by oxidizing normal tap water, injecting a controlled amount of ozone (O3) into the wash water.  Ozone is nature’s safest, strongest oxidant and most effective disinfecting agent.  After the ozone oxidizes and disinfects, it reverts to oxygen leaving behind nothing but cleaner, fresher laundry!  For more information, check out this video from Rainsoft.

Life Time Warranty – The Rainsoft water treatment system we install is the only manufacturer that comes with a lifetime warranty on the electronic head and tank.  This means, if the electronics ever fail or if the tank leaks, we will give you the new updated component for free (less installation).

McDonald Luxury Bath

In addition to helping our customers achieve the highest quality of water and air in their homes through American Water and Air, Inc., we also own and operate McDonald Luxury Bath—a bathroom remodelling company which has created beautiful bathrooms for over 25 years.  We serve the Springfield, Illinois area including Chatham, Auburn, Petersburg, Rochester, Decatur, Jacksonville, and Effingham.  For more information, please contact us at: (217) 726-6100.  You may also explore our web site to view our complete line of services.

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